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      "Green manufacturing" has become a global manufacturing development consensus
      文章來源:       發布時間:2015/7/14 14:50:24      分享到:

        "Since the resources, energy and environmental constraints, resource circulation and alternative technology for process industries, as well as to the equipment manufacturing industry of cleaner production and green manufacturing key technologies' development scheme has risen as the important strategy of many countries in the world." On May 30, in order to "green manufacturing, global consensus" as the conference theme of green manufacturing in 2014 international BBS, success in zhangjiagang city, jiangsu province, Chinese mechanical engineering society supervisor, director of the committee of experts "green alliance" song want doing, speaking at a conference summary highlights the importance of green manufacturing in the global manufacturing. 

        Song decepticon, points out that green manufacturing emphasized by comprehensive utilization of resources and recycling, shortage of alternative and saving energy and reducing consumption of resources and other measures to realize the sustainable use of resources; At the same time, reduce the waste and the generation of pollutants and emissions, improve the production and consumption process and environmental compatibility degree, finally realizes the economic benefit and environmental benefit optimization. Mechanical products whole life cycle of greening is the important trend of the future mechanical engineering technology, it mainly includes the following five links: 

        One is the green product design. In order to meet the requirement of energy conservation and emissions reduction, should be established for ecological design of database and knowledge base and relevant technical norms and standards; In order to adapt to the old mechanical and electrical products recycling, remanufacturing requirement, must consider during the design phase of the structure of the easy to disassemble, easy to recycle, easy to repair. 

        The second is green craft materials. Used in the manufacture of process material in the process of green development soon, the traditional, brings to the environment pollution, threaten the health of craft materials will be gradually replaced. 

        Three is a green manufacturing technology. Parts precision forming technology compared with traditional forming process, material utilization can be increased by 20% ~ 40%, cancel or greatly reduce the processing time, to achieve the goal of energy saving, consumption reduction, is a popularization and application prospect of green manufacturing process. In addition, such as powder metallurgy parts of material preparation and forming integration based manufacturing process characteristics of short process, and it is worthy of attention and promotion. 

        Fourth, green product packaging. Environment oriented product packaging design, packaging materials, packaging and packaging waste recycling structure, will become the mainstream of packaging development trend. The goal is minimizing resource consumption and waste production. 

        5 it is processing recycling greening. Is an object with scrap parts remanufacturing technology successfully solved the parts wear, crack, failure problem such as fatigue, injury, is expected to be in machinery and equipment, medical equipment, home appliances, electronic information products are widely used. 

        It is reported that the meeting is initiated by the Chinese mechanical engineering society, joint green manufacturing industry technology innovation strategic alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "green alliance"), the British society of mechanical engineers, the American society of mechanical engineers, Hong Kong hosted piece engineering group, etc. From China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ukraine and other 10 experts, around the theme of the conference speech. BBS attracted from all over the country companies, research institutes, colleges and universities of more than 400 scientific and technical workers to participate.