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      China's remanufacturing industry development trend in the future
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        Entering the 21st century, protect the earth environment, construction of circular economy, and maintain social and economic sustainable development has become a topic of common concern around the world. Currently promoting circular economy mode is the pursuit of greater economic benefits, less resource consumption, less environmental pollution and more labor employment of an advanced economy mode. 

        Current and future a period, we can from the working train of thought of the remanufacturing industry development and future trend, analyzing from two aspects of remanufacturing industry development prospects. 

        First, the working train of thought of the remanufacturing industry development in China. From the development of manufacturing and remanufacturing industry at home and abroad, the development of the technology industrialization is a common pattern, the remanufacturing industry in China is on the link to pilot pattern of enterprise, its overall is decentralized operation, industrial cluster ability obviously inadequate. In view of the remanufacturing industry has its unique technology and the corresponding policies and regulations environment, therefore the construction of the remanufacturing industry base or park became an important mode for the development of remanufacturing industry, through the remanufacturing industry base construction, to further speed up the construction of modern equipment manufacturing industry base, to improve industry core competitiveness, to promote industrial upgrading and transformation, to realize the harmonious development of manufacturing and remanufacturing industry. 

        Second, the remanufacturing industry in China is the trend of development. According to the technical characteristics and industrial development characteristics of remanufacturing, the future development of Chinese remanufacturing in the following industries, one is the automotive remanufacturing engineering; The second is; remanufacturing engineering and its numerical control machine tool, 3 it is engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, mining machinery remanufacturing engineering; Four is the recycling of waste electrical and electronic products and resources regeneration; Five is the major technical equipment remanufacturing engineering.